About Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette

Learn more about our commitment and our products, and meet our team.

At the weekends, there’s a good chance you’ll spot a long line in rue des Mineurs in Liège. Locals and visitors alike gather to buy waffles, baguettes, croissants, bread and chouquettes from our bakery, and our waffle and bake shop.

We’re often asked for the secret of our bread. Honestly, there isn’t one. We just use what is necessary: flour, water, salt and natural leaven. We never use any enhancers, correctors or additives. And freezing plays no part in our process.

Our commitment

In 2015, we resolved to remove every enhancer, corrector and additive from our raw ingredients and our baking.

We wouldn’t have achieved that goal without the know-how and passion of local producers. They took a risk by deciding to work in new ways, taking a different path from that dictated by the food industry.

  • The wheat that is simply crushed to produce our flour grows in Villers-l’Évêque at the Moulins Bodson, under the watchful eye of Claude and Dominique.
  • The hens that lay our free-range eggs are raised outside with love and care by Guillaume Drisket in Awans.
  • Our natural leaven is home-produced in our workshop, thanks to a Tradilevain.

Our products

At first, our goal was to bring traditional authentic waffles back to Liège. Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette started with only one shop, the one still located at 7 rue des Mineurs. Besides Liège waffles, we also sell chouquettes, fruit waffles, pancakes and other pastries.

In 2015, we opened our bakery on the other side of the road, where you’ll find bread, baguettes, pastries and pies…

And we often create new products to keep your taste buds awake!

Our team

We are very proud to rely on a team of dedicated and passionate people. They are real foodies, who put their hearts into their work!

Every day they prepare the baked goods in our workshop and welcome you with a smile… and a chouquette!