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3, 2, 1, fold!

In our new brochure, we tell you a few words about our philosophy and where our ingredients come from. Once you’ve read it, do not throw it away: its second life awaits!

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News from the fields

Last Friday, 20 April, the mercury hit 27°C and the sky was azure blue. In other words, the ideal conditions to capture a few images of the Triti-Sano cereals that will produce our future flour, at the Moulins Bodson in Villers-l’Évêque…

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Pain artisanal Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette

Are there food additives in your bread?

Colorants, conservateurs, exhausteurs de goûts, émulsifiants… Les additifs alimentaires sont partout ! Il suffit pour s’en convaincre de lire la composition des produits vendus en supermarché. Et dans votre pain, y en a-t-il ?

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Holiday break

Holiday break News December 22, 2017 The shop and the bakery will be closed from the 23rd of December 2017 evening.

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