A team, quality ingredients, know-how, 
and lots of passion.

Bakery, ice cream and waffle & bake shop in Liège

The true Liege waffle, good natural sourdough bread, homemade pastries and croissants, pancakes like at Grandma’s, ice cream and sorbets served in homemade cones, not to mention our famous chouquettes and many other things! All additive-free and made with local ingredients. Saperlipopette!

From Tuesday to Sunday, rue des Mineurs

Our three shops are open from Tuesday to Sunday.

What's up at Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette?

3, 2, 1, fold!

In our new brochure, we tell you a few words about our philosophy and where our ingredients come from. Once you’ve read it, do not throw it away: its second life awaits!

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News from the fields

Last Friday, 20 April, the mercury hit 27°C and the sky was azure blue. In other words, the ideal conditions to capture a few images of the Triti-Sano cereals that will produce our future flour, at the Moulins Bodson in Villers-l’Évêque…

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Bread with no hidden ingredients

Before bread, chouquettes, pains au chocolat and baguettes, there is simply wheat. And leaven, too. Find out where our raw materials come from and who the producers we work with are.