A team, quality ingredients, know-how, 
and lots of passion.

Bakery, waffle and bake shop in Liège

Authentic Liège waffles, freshly baked bread, yummy home-made pastries, pancakes like Grandma used to make, our famous chouquettes and much more! Everything is additive-free and made with local ingredients. Saperlipopette*!


From Tuesday to Sunday, rue des Mineurs

Our backery, waffle & bake shop, and ice cream shop are open from Tuesday to Sunday.

What's up at Une gaufrette Saperlipopette ?

3, 2, 1, fold!

In our new brochure, we tell you a few words about our philosophy and where our ingredients come from. Once you’ve read it, do not throw it away: its second life awaits!

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News from the fields

Last Friday, 20 April, the mercury hit 27°C and the sky was azure blue. In other words, the ideal conditions to capture a few images of the Triti-Sano cereals that will produce our future flour, at the Moulins Bodson in Villers-l’Évêque…

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Bread with no hidden ingredients

Our bread, chouquettes, pain au chocolat and baguettes all come from a simple ingredient: flour made from our locally produced, additive- and enhancer-free wheat. To raise the dough, we transform it into natural leaven. Learn more about the origins of our raw ingredients and the producers we work with.