Saperlipopette is a family affair. Children Émile and Augustin orbit Bénédicte and Éric Michaux. It’s a solar system that gets more and more stellar by the day!

The Saperlipopette chain grew gradually, without ever losing sight of its aim: to make gorgeous products based on quality ingredients, all while staying true to the spirit of Liège. “We were looking for an unpretentious name to make people smile. That’s how we came to choose Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette.”

Initially, the intention was to sell Liege waffles, but other gourmet delights (madeleines, speculoos, etc.) soon came to adorn the window of la Petite Boutique. Success came hot on the heels of the 2013 opening, and the sales and production teams began to feel a bit short of space.

“The building opposite was vacant. So we moved into the basement to make the products for la Boutique, before setting to work making bread and taking occupancy of the ground floor, where we opened la Boulangerie in 2015.”

Since 2019, Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette has been transforming its savoir-faire into ice-cream creations at Crème Glacée, to refresh your spirit and palate. As soon as the temperature rises, Émile and his team offer delicately flavoured artisan ices and sorbets you can lick in tub or cone, topped with home-made biscuits and meringues, as you stroll through the paved streets of the historical city centre.